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Volkswagen Synthetic Oil Changes Explained

As you drive, your car’s synthetic oil serves to protect your Volkswagen’s engine by keeping moving parts lubricated, controlling temperature, and preventing build-up. However, over time your oil breaks down, losing its ability to keep your engine properly protected, and also any additives your oil may have will break down as well, reducing its ability to keep your engine clean. If you need an oil change in Winchester, you shouldn’t hesitate as old oil can lead to bad performance and, in worse cases, lead to a breakdown.

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oils are different from conventional oils in that they are created in a laboratory and while they may be based on petroleum or petroleum byproducts, they are largely man-made. Synthetic oils are noted for lasting longer than conventional oils and offer many useful features that help keep your car running better. While more expensive synthetics are well worth the additional cost.

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Why Oil Changes Are Needed for your Winchester, VA Volkswagen

No matter how carefully you drive when commuting to and from Stephens City, your oil will break down over time due to the amount of heat your Volkswagen’s engine produces, and while synthetics last a long time, they do need occasional replacing. Driving with old oil puts you at risk of overheat and random engine performance issues. Plus, over a long enough period of time old oil can damage your engine leading to expensive replacements.

Synthetic Oil vs Regular Oil

If you go to buy a bottle of engine oil from an automotive store in Middletown, one of the first things you’ll notice is the vast selection of oil brands and types available for purchase. Synthetic oils are better than conventional oils for several reasons. First, synthetic oil lasts longer, only needing changing every 10,000 miles compared to conventional oil, which needs replacing every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Synthetics also perform better in extreme heat or cold and have additional additives that help protect your engine and improve your Volkswagen’s performance.

Synthetic Oil Change Service

Why Use Us For Your Oil Change Needs?

When you need a Volkswagen synthetic oil change, you have many different choices in Winchester or Arme, including dealerships, independent mechanics, and chain stores focused on oil changes and automotive maintenance. At Beyer Volkswagen, we stand ahead of the competition by offering top of the line service, amenities that make your visits easier, and full Volkswagen certification. We also offer many different deals that help you stretch your dollar further, so be sure to ask about any current oil change coupons or ongoing deals. Call us today to schedule your appointment.


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